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Kennelly Cams are specialists in repair, regrinding and manufacture of camshafts. Whatever your camshaft requirements Kennelly Cams have the expertise to ensure your satisfaction. Aggressive performance profiles to give you the winning edge, or faithfully reproduced factory standard cam profiles; Kennelly Cams in-house design and analysis facility plus expert engineering will get the job done.                                                                                                                                           Kennelly Cams strive continuously to produce a better product, analysing engine performance for not only improved power but all aspects that make a winning package. Engine driveability, width of power band,  fuel consumption, exhaust temperatures, turbo lag, and stress on other parts, are a few of the things effected by valve opening and closing events and therefore the camshaft. 

With careful lobe design giving consideration to your unique requirements, Kennelly Cams will make sure you have the best that modern technology can give.

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